Business Automation for service providers

Top 3 Business Automation tips for service providers

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Recommended Tools

Top 3 recommended tools for service providers mentioned in the talk

  • The easiest to use Marketing automation engine
  • Great bulk email tool for list building
  • AI powered CRM system for service professional
  • The automation glue that integrates 1000’s of other apps together to your triggers, processes and actions

  • FREE!! Gets you appointments on auto pilot
  • Only books appointments on your free slots
  • Integrates with Office 365 / Gmail etc.
  • Auto confirms the appointment for you

Client created MVP Apps

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Apps, mentioned in the presentation

  • Will show you
  • ✅ How to structure your loans
  • ✅ How to pay your loans off faster
  • ✅ How much you are saving

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