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🎯 Do you or your business revolve predominantly around providing one-on-one services or consulting? Or are you a coach, or a training organisation?

🛑 Are you frustrated by not being able to scale your business because you are constrained by the number of hours in a day to provide one on one service, coaching or consulting?

⚡ Are you ready to transform your offering by productising your service and automating your client acquisition and service delivery?

The initial strategy session will start off with a brief informal chat to get to know you and your business, your challenges and vision and help you get total clarity on what it takes to productise your service business, coaching business or consulting business and what is involved in scaling it to a new height and grow beyond what is possible with your current model..

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The 100% FREE no-obligation 15-Minute Strategy Session Call could easily change the way you look at your business and growth. You’ll be getting a fully customised breakdown of our MVP program and how it will help you!

The Workshop

But Wait! You don’t think that is you?

🤔 You are worried no one will pay for your service if you were not delivering it in person?  You are thinking “Who is going to pay to watch me talk on webinars and do my online workshops?”

😨 Or may be you been thinking about it but you are scared that you will never find the clients who value your unique skills and will be prepared to pay top dollars for your online programs and digital products?

✅ Do you want some clarity on the way forward and the process involved in getting the enablement?

✅ And more importantly, do you want to see if your program would be viable as an online offering.  

⚡ Are you prepared to change your mindset ?
Are you prepared to challenge the way you are delivering your services and disrupt yourself?

Come with an open mind and be prepared to have your mindset challenged!

What will I get out of the two hour session?

By the end of the session you will not only have the clarity to move forward but have the confidence to begin the journey towards what it is that you are going to sell. You will be leaving the sessions thinking about which parts of your business you can package to produce a Minimum Viable Program (MVP)! At last you can start working ON your business, and start thinking strategically about your program and the huge number of people whose life you are going help change while making you a passive income to fund the scaling of your new model!

The Program

So you are already convinced that ‘productisation’ of your service business is the way to go.
But where do you start?

It is too important to outsource…. You want the user experience of your clients to be special and behaviour driven. You tried a few tools but, the process seems so overwhelming. The tools look complicated and what they produces looks terrible!!
How do you even know there is a demand for your ‘program’? What about market validation?

✅ What if you can get an expert who gives you all the Enablement and Coaching and has your back and be there to solve your problems and guarantees outcomes?

✅ What if someone takes away all the tech challenges, so you can have a Minimum Viable Program (MVP) within weeks and making you money while you sleep?  

Create your MVP and start selling in 4 weeks

What is an MVP?
Minimum viable product. This web site is an example of a MVP. It took a couple of hours to build and is the bare minimum required to communicate the problem the program solves. It consist of a one landing page, one booking page, one highly converting payment page and one legal page.

What does the programme consist of?
This 4-10 week program made up of one-on-one sessions, webinars and online courses that walks you through the creation of your digital content that makes up the first version of your MVP.


Create the MVP

Productise services into ‘programs’ & courses that are fun, engaging and


Sell the MVP

Creating the webinar funnels that sells and the client acquisition system that works while you sleep.


Systemise the delivery

Automate everything, track your audience, analyse performance. Adopt. Integrate with other systems.


All this sounds too good to be true?
Do you want to listen to what others had to say after being on the programme?

✅ Using evergreen webinar funnels to sell digital products, courses & apps

Angela (International Master groomer, speaker and business coach) talks about how she wasted two years before she found BizX to make her dreams come true. Now she has digital programmes, courses and a business tools app selling on auto-pilot throughout the world, helping grooming businesses be more efficient.

✅ Using ActiveCampaign automation to get rid of manual processes

Glenda (Healthcare Auditor) talks about how BizX introduced her to the world of automation. With everything from email sequence, charging, split payments, ‘dunning’ and invoicing automated, Glenda is super stoked she can spend more time paddling and less time reconciling and chasing payments for an international event.

Not sure if I can afford it

So you done your maths. You analyzed your cashflow forecast and ROI and the numbers don’t look good.

✅ What if I tell you you will be making money, if you follow the program

✅ What if I tell you about government co-funding and scholarships?  

If money was the barrier, let’s get rid of that and get started!

Show me the money?
The whole program revolves around getting your MVP to a point where you are ACTUALLY taking money from week 4 onwards. Yes you heard right. People will pay you. You will have a marketing and sales machine perfected and predictably bringing new customers every day like clockwork.

Government funding (NZ GST registered businesses only)?
BizX program is eligible for growth funding from NZ Trade and Enterprise:

The Capability Voucher Funding helps eligible business owners to access business training and coaching services, by providing them with up to a 50% subsidy towards the BizX program.

BizX give back

BizX is all about give-back and making a difference.

BizX scholarship

We have a $100,000 Scholarship fund available to help established businesses and solopreneurs who want to make a difference. The scholarship program will help towards the cost of your enablement


BizX is the main sponsor of KASK, a Not for Profit advocacy organisation. KASK promotes water safety, provide training, and it has been providing voice for New Zealand paddlers for 25 years.

The BizX tech stack

We are absolute masters of the following products that forms our back bone tech-stack of our MVP workshops and enablements. They are the best of breed products that we use in house AND client sites and we a have close relationship with the product developers – and we are ‘Certified’ partners of all core products, including ActiveCampaign and PlusThis. This gives us access to training, 24 hour support, direct access to the product team as well as discounted (or agency) pricing on the licenses which we pass on to our clients.

Automate your customer interactions

The ultimate automation engine for your processes. Also takes care of your CRM, eMail marketing, sales pipelines & deals.
[All our clients use Active Campaign]

Extending ActiveCampaign marketing automation into Facebook retargeting, webinar funnels, video triggers and SMS
[BizX are the only New Zealand partner]

High conversion checkout and payment

Landing pages and conversion and payment from within your web site and closely integrated to your web site

Hosted cart with friction free conversion
funnel, integrated with ActiveCampaign, payment & subscription ‘dunning’

Personalised membership journey

Content centric
Membership system and driven by membership ‘levels’ and access

Member centric
Membership system and driven by ActiveCampaign ‘tags’

Engaging learning management systems

Learning management system with many core functionalities. Good fit for some scenarios.

Personalised Learning management system integrated with ActiveCampaign and gamification engine

Integration with other systems

“We are not an accounting company nor are we a marketing agency. However, when you sign up on our program, we work with your accountant and agencies (or directly with you if you do these your selves). We do our best to coach you to systemise your processes so that your business systems, your financial system you CRM system (if you have one), Web site (if you have one), ad systems are all integrated to drive efficiency and to inform the BI dashboards so you are in control of your business.”

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